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Hey everybody

2008-10-01 23:27:20 by hatakekakashi7

Leave me a comment if you are bored please. I will respond.


2008-09-27 12:18:44 by hatakekakashi7

All That Remains....their new album is great. Does anyone else have it yet?

Death Magnetic

2008-09-16 10:00:31 by hatakekakashi7

Is awesome. In case you didn't know, it's Metallica's newest albulm. My favorite songs are The Day That Never Comes, The Judas Kiss, and Suicide & Redemption.

Anyone else have opinions on the album?


2008-08-26 20:00:28 by hatakekakashi7

Is really cool. I can finally do whatever I want whenever I want.


2008-07-17 08:20:43 by hatakekakashi7

It's just the same old stuff during the summer. Sleep, work, chill. Occasionally I get to do something fun like go on vacation. Anyone do something real fun in the summer?


2008-06-11 23:40:51 by hatakekakashi7

I added my Brawl friend code to my profile and sig. If you want to play then PM so I can get your FC too.

Rock on.

2008-04-29 19:44:09 by hatakekakashi7

I have a new favorite song.

It is Her Portrait In Black by Atreyu.

If you don't like it, too bad.

Because I think it is sick nasty.

And yes, I mean that in a good way.

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Yay, songs!

2008-04-21 19:57:40 by hatakekakashi7

So my first audio submission finally got through judgment. Now I'm free to make and post songs without that judgment wait. Cool, huh? I have a few songs so if you want, listen to them and vote.

Canon Rock

2008-04-19 23:41:48 by hatakekakashi7

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Probably the coolest guitar cover of a classic song.

Virtual Haircut

2008-04-09 20:47:08 by hatakekakashi7

I heard about this through a thread in the BBS. It's pretty awesome and it definitely messes with your mind. Just follow the instructions on the site and enjoy.

Virtual Haircut